#3: The ONE SEO Strategy You Must Implement – And It’s Not What You Think

#3: The ONE SEO Strategy You Must Implement – And It’s Not What You Think

25 Jun, 2024

In this episode of Local Biz Buzz, marketing consultant Donna Gunter shares four essential tips for improving local search engine optimization (SEO) to help businesses attract more customers and boost profits. 

The episode covers the importance of Google Business Profile, garnering online reviews, engaging with local media, and optimizing website titles and descriptions. A case study of a local HVAC business owner highlights the effectiveness of these strategies. 

Donna also offers a downloadable list of 65 tips to further assist businesses in optimizing their online presence. Tune in to learn how to implement these actionable steps and enhance your local search rankings.

00:00 Introduction to Local SEO

01:11 Welcome to Local Biz Buzz

01:38 Importance of Local SEO

01:57 Tip 1: Optimize Your Google Business Profile

02:43 Tip 2: Boost Your Online Reviews

03:12 Tip 3: Get Local Coverage

03:37 Tip 4: Optimize Titles and Descriptions

04:11 Conclusion and Special Offer

04:55 Breakthrough of the Week: HVAC Business Success Story

05:59 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

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